Breathe. Smile. Think. Plan.

When life is kicking you in the chest.

When you’re in a situation that feels insurmountable.

When everyone’s eyes are on you.

You don’t have to knee-jerk with a negative emotion.  You can make this work for you.  You can turn this around.

DL_positive vision

I have a way of dealing with stress.  It’s a mantra that I started several years ago and use constantly.  For me it’s simple and effective.  So why not give it a go and see if it helps you too.  What harm can it do, but what benefits might it bring?  You might just feel a whole lot better.

To paraphrase the wonderful Dr. Seuss

“Try [it]! Try [it]! And you may.

Try [it] and you may, I say.


Take a slow deep breath.  Don’t rush it, just breathe.


It unnerves those around you who may not have positive feelings towards you.  But there are also plenty of studies that show how we act physically, even in the short term, can have a massive effect on our body’s chemistry.  Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy gives a brilliant Ted Talk about the way our outward projection may me influencing our inner chemistry.

So pull your shoulders back, look up and smile.


That breath and that smile have now set you up to think in the right way.  It’s given you a chance to pause and by smiling you will put a new spin on the thoughts you have.

How can you turn this situation around in a positive way?


Now make a plan.  Don’t just say you’re going to do something, because that isn’t enough.

You need to come up with the steps and goals you’re going to take to make this all happen.  What is the overall goal and timeline?  Now half that.

Where do you need to be by the halfway point?  What do you need to have achieved?  Now half it again.  And again.  There is a point at which you’re setting yourself daily tasks that take you to your weekly and monthly goals.

Remember, without a plan you will drift.

It’s That Simple

Breathe.  Smile.  Think.  Plan.

It has worked for me on more occasions than I care to remember and if you say it often enough it will eventually become more habit than conscious thought.  Even in its simplicity it has the power to put positivity into your outlook and that in turn starts to be mirrored by others.  Let’s be honest, most people prefer to be around positivity and calm.


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