Have you got a theme tune?


For as long as I can remember music has been a strong influencer in my life.  I’ve got to the point where I joke that each day has a theme tune.  If work starts to get me down I put in my bluetooth headphones, put my phone in my pocket and move between meetings with a playlist running in the background.  I arrive at whichever glass cube full of suits is next, hit pause, lose an hour (if I’m lucky), get up and hit play as I go to the next soulless session.

And for months I’ve been applying this more heavily to my writing.  Research is supported by classical music.  Twenty-One Pilots build scenes that need dark backdrops or frustrated characters with hidden histories.  Isabella Breedlove can build love scenes, whilst Pink voices her frustrations over breakups.  Spotify is a godsend for finding moods to support days were inspiration wanes.  I don’t think I’m alone in this.

But I have a question for the world.  Do you have any recommendations for music that can support my imagination when looking at horror, sci-fi, and fantasy?

I’d appreciate the avoidance of death metal, it was never really my thing.  Or, if I’m honest ska or scouse house.  All very different from one another but all seem to illicit the same feeling of fingernails down a blackboard for me.  I’m not saying they aren’t good, just that my brain doesn’t react well to them.

Up until now I’ve resorted to Hans Zimmer, Mica Levi, Clint Mansell, Daft Punk and a limited few others.  But the majority are still falling under the umbrella of ‘Classical music’.  And whilst I love the immersion of a full orchestra, I would like to mix it up a little.  Like any art form, you shouldn’t limit what you expose yourself to because of some pigeon hole you’ve placed yourself in.  Why did you put yourself there?  Because that’s what your friends like?  Because you ‘think’ you know what [insert art style here] sounds or looks like?  What would happen if you came across an artist who pushed the boundaries of that style, allowing a blur in your brain that makes the side of your mouth curl into a smile.

I’ll listen to anything from House of Pain to Elton John.  I adore Dolly Parton as much as I adore Blondie.  Euro Trash can get me onto any dance floor and I’m booked to go to a Trance festival soon.  I will play Gabriel’s Oboe on loop and then sing my heart out to Enrique Inglesias.  Life’s too short not to allow in as much art as possible.  When people look at me wide eyed and horrified, ‘why would you listen to that?  I didn’t think you were one of them’ I get confused.  We have divisions in art?  Since when?  You’re more cultured, or intelligent, or stylish, or you appreciate music more because you listen to one style over another?  No, I think not.  I’m here to tell you that every style, every attempt to share how we see the world is worthy.  And all attempts to censor ourselves against other art forms is just narrow minded and pointless.

Anyway, back to me 😉  I need some new music whilst I write.  Suggestions are appreciated.



  1. Check out the soundtrack to the film “Awakenings” by Randy Newman. It’s one of my “Desert Island Discs” and except for one track in the middle of the disc, it has a unique quality to transport me somewhere else.

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  2. I love music and I get so many ideas for my writing from music. Spotify is awesome and I really need to update my playlists. Anyway, for sci-fi, horror and fantasy, and to be a little different musically, I would recommend:

    Cliff Martinez – Soundtrack to Contagion…electronic and rhythmical and a little disconcerting. Check out the track “Bat and Pig” in particular. Not on Spotify, but I recommend you look for his music for Solaris … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jintml12qaY that link is for the best track. Very spacey…but different.

    Johann Johannsson’s music for the movie Arrival is also very atmospheric. Check out “Sapir-Whorf”

    Old school creepy…check out The Thing soundtrack by Ennio Morricone.

    Bladerunner soundtrack by Vangelis

    Maybe the Legend (Tom Cruise movie) soundtrack by Tangerine Dream

    Tomandandy – “Flying through air”
    Secret Garden – “Elan”
    M83 – “Moonchild”

    lol…I’ll stop now. Feel free to find me on twitter and chat more about music.

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