Saving for the big day

BL_helping hand

I’ve sat down and gone through my bill account, taken out everything that isn’t ‘essential’ and worked out what money I need in order to live for the next 6 months.  Damn that number was high!

I figured I’d take 3 months off contracts and then start job hunting, in the hope I find something before the 6 months is up.  It’s a massive risk.  I’m spending days panicking that I’m going to put my children’s futures in jeopardy.  Oh yeah, did I mention I have 2 beautiful kids who need a roof over their heads and food on their plates.  I’m going to be honest I’m starting to panic as I write this.  Deep breaths.  There is only 1 person you can truly rely on in life and that is yourself.  I know I’m capable of making this work.

I’ve booked some trips abroad for later in the year already and they’re paid for, so it won’t feel like we’re doing without.  If anything, I’ll have more to do this year than in previous years, mainly because I’ll have some free time.

Now I need to save like a mo-fo.  If I work my contract until June I’ll have enough money. Plan written down.  I’m doing this.  Nothing can stop me, except me.


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