Notice Period: Ohhhh snap!


I’m working my 4 weeks notice and at times my confidence levels aren’t high.  My mind runs through, “what the hell are you doing?  You have to keep a roof over your kids heads, you have to pay the bills,” which if I’m honest occasionally degrades to, “Noooooo, you’ll lose the house, you’ll starve on the streets, your kids will never forgive you.”  OK, OK, I think we’ve established now that I can get a little dramatic at times.

Then I have moments of euphoria that lead to the internal monologue, “Ohhhh snap!  You go girl.  Screw them and their bad minded shit, you will walk out of here and never look back.  Why should you line their grubby little pockets wth your valuable time?”  Note to self: stop watching Dave Chappelle.

And that, ladies and gents, is where I need to focus.  I’m leaving because this job doesn’t make me happy anymore.  I am not fulfilling my potential.  There is something better waiting for me if I just work hard and have faith in myself.  I need to stop listening to the internal voice that is conditioned to self doubt and listen to that quieter voice that should be allowed air-time. That voice that says, ‘really, what is the worst that can happen?’

Really, truly, I’m asking you all.  What might happen if you followed your dream?  Just stop for a minute and think.

  • What is your dream?  What makes you truly happy?
  • Think about all of the possible outcomes if you followed that dream.
  • Now what is the worst thing that can happen?  
  • And with the multitude of possible outcomes you’ve come up with, is the worst that can happen the most likely result if you do your homework, prepare and then work hard?
  • Can you put plans in place to mitigate that ‘worst possible outcome’?

And now compare…

  • If you do nothing, what are the possible outcomes in your life?  Will you be happy? Will you be rich?  Will you be fulfilled?  Will you have time for your family?
  • What’s the worst that can happen?  Regret?  Your company making you redundant?  You work yourself into an early grave?  You miss out on quality time with your family?
  • Can you mitigate the ‘worst possible outcomes’?  Yes, by following your dreams



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