Having a plan is making things harder instead of easier

planet horizon

I have a plan and I wrote it down.  Something to work towards.  A goal.  I will be a writer and I will take up to 6 months off to finish my book.  But for some reason it’s made my tolerance of the job that I hate even harder instead of easier as I expected.  Does anyone know why that is?

I feel like every day I’m in work and listening to the pointless political back-stabbing, is a day wasted that I could have spent writing.  My tolerance of stupid people is waning too. Usually I can keep my mouth shut and nod politely as people, who’s only goal in life is to further themselves in a hierarchy of pointlessness, tell me why my team needs to repeat work in a slightly different format just because it’s the personal preference of that person on that day.

As my mum would say, “this is why British industry is struggling.’  I’m sure there are many reasons why the world economy is struggling but poor management in companies has to be a big factor.  Anyway, the stupid people, they’re everywhere.

I just need to bite my tongue a few more months.


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