Can you afford to follow your dream?


I suppose the real question is ‘can you afford to not follow your dream?’

I remember meeting my brothers girlfriend and telling her about how I spent every spare minute writing.  ‘Watch this space,’ I said, ‘I’ll publish a book and get out of working in IT in the next 5 years.’  How the world changes.  Ten years on she’s now my sister-in-law, and was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer.  She was told it’s incurable and now plays the chemotherapy waiting game.  Me?  I still haven’t published that, or any other book.

Heidi’s facing her impending mortality with passion and 2 fingers in the air to cancer.  She has an exceptional, funny, and award winning blog (Storm in a Tit Cup).  And is now racing through her bucket list like dysentery through a British tourist in the Congo.  And everyone has been so awesome in trying to ensure she gets through that list.  But it occurred to me; what if, whilst she’s working through her list, one of us kicks that crappy bucket first?  I mean, she’s fighting hard and she’s determined to beat all timelines the doctors offer.  Do you have any idea what the prediction is for your timeline?

My point?  Whilst we watch and support those people who are currently in a bloody nosed, Rocky Balboa series of fights with the grim fuck-face, we should all be working through our own bucket lists at the same time.  Right?  Just in case Mr Reaper gets a break between rounds and knocks one of us off his list as a bonus.

So 10 years on and I’ve never stopped writing.  It has always been my love.  And I was thinking; that energy, passion and hard work I invest in my day job, lining someone else’s pockets and building someone else’s dream, should be invested in my dream for a while.  Before another 10 years roll by, if I’m fortunate enough to have that time, and I wonder where I parked my own bucket list.

OK then.  Decision made.  I’m going to make writing my day job.  Sooooo, how the hell am I going to afford that?


  1. Great points Dany. The money that keeps me and my family fed and furnished comes from my IT Project Manager job. I would rather write stories, and in a few stolen seconds here and there have drafted a novel. The problem is that I write only when the opportunities arise… Mostly when I’m dog-tired and the rest of the world is asleep. All that said… Mustn’t grumble… The dream is alive.


    • I’ve found my best time to write is between 6am-1pm. I didn’t know that until I took this time off. I have massive respect for you keeping at it whilst working, I’m so worried it’ll start to fall by the wayside once I’m back at work and only writing after 10pm again. At least I’ve found you guys who are in the same boat, so we can keep each other going x

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