Your time. My time. What does it equate to?

BL_treeIf you were only given a year to live, how would you spend it?

1 year = 8,760 hours

Sleep 7 hours p/day x 365 days = 2,555 hrs

Brush your teeth 2 mins p/day x 2 x 365 = 24.3 hrs

Shower 10 mins p/day x 365 = 60.8 hrs

Get dressed 10 mins p/day x 365 = 60.8 hrs

Bathroom 5 mins x 3 p/day x 365 days = 91.3 hrs

Prepare and eat Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 90 mins p/day x 365 = 547.5 hrs

Work 40 hours p/wk x 48 (assuming 4 wks hol) = 1,920 hrs (I work an avg 50-55 hrs p/wk which I’m sure many of us do, but lets go with the ‘contracted’ figure)

Travel to/from work 60 mins x 5 days = 300 mins x 48 wks = 240 hrs


I’ve started thinking about these numbers and I’m in a cold sweat.  If we split those hours into weeks that’s 63 hours a week left over.  And I know there will be other day-to-day things I haven’t included on the list above.

So making the assumption that we all have family and/or friends we want to spend some of that time with, which I do, how the hell am I going to get any of my bucket list items done?  Get at least one of my books published, learn to play the piano, and learn to swim (yes, yes, I can sink like a stone but still can’t swim).  How will I even get the decorating jobs in my house finished?

Now, you’re probably sitting there thinking, “well if I knew I only had a year left to live I wouldn’t be wasting time going to work, I’d use that time for something else.”  But there lies the crux of the matter.  Most of us don’t know how much time we have left.  We have to live like it’s our last year, last month, last day just in case it is, but at the same time we have to prepare and work for a long life just in case we’re lucky enough to have one.  How do you find the balance?

If you have the answer I’m all ears.  Maybe people are right and I’m having a mid-life crisis.  Or, and here comes a crazy thought, maybe it just takes this long for your own mortality to dawn on most of us.  Either way, I want to fill as many of my spare hours with writing as possible.  So something has to give.  I’m thinking this souless job may be a candidate.


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