Time management people, are you doing it?

SJ_mirror last day

The days are starting to turn into one long brain nap.  My diary keeps filling up until every hour of every day is triple booked with meetings.  The most pointless meetings imaginable.  I picture the scene from The Princess Bride where ‘The Machine’ was sucking the life force out of Westley.  Depending on the topic of the day it can take anything from 1 to 50 years of my life.

It’s become soul crushing and where I once rushed between meetings, bursting through doors with apologies for getting out of the last meeting 2 mins late, I now amble between glass offices with the energy of a depressed sloth.

And I’ve fallen into the trap.  I know you know it.  The one where they (whoever ‘they’ are) have you convinced that you’re not doing enough.  Maybe you need to work on your time management, I think.  So I’ve read the books, worked through the management training homework and delegated until my team roll their eyes when they see me open Outlook.  But the faster you move things off your desk the faster they’ll find more work for you to do.

As my little old nana would say ‘if you need something doing, give it to a busy person.’


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  1. Time is your most precious resource and no one gets a piece of it without very good reason. Just because someone wants a piece of your time, it doesn’t mean you must give it to them. That is the art of time management. The most powerful time management tool is the word No.
    If it doesn’t have to be done, don’t do it.
    If someone else can do it, let them do it.
    If it can wait, let it wait.
    If it absolutely must be done, focus on it now.
    What matters are your goals and how you achieve them. Everyday decide on the three most important things that will help you get closer to your goals and focus on getting them done first.
    Unless you have something important to contribute to a meeting, or get out of a meeting, you shouldn’t be there. It’s a waste of your time.
    Be polite but firm, “Thank you. I’d love to help you but I’m so busy. So sorry but I have to move these things forward. Another time perhaps.”
    All successful people are focused and ruthless in their allocation of time.
    There’s no such thing as not enough time.
    We all have the same amount of time, 168 hours each week.
    People squander their time like they squander their money and end up poor and achieving nothing.
    Don’t let time bandits stop you from achieving your goals.


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